Who Are We?

Speakeasy is an exclusive society of Atlanta business owners, executives and lovers of the leaf that meet monthly to network, learn more about spirits and cigars, and make new friends in some the finest cigar lounges in the city. Our goal is to create a warm, relaxing environment that facilitates deeper social connections with a limited group of high quality individuals.

Every Event Has Three Parts


  • Network: learn about the occupations of your fellow Speakeasy members and how to help them
  • ~ Learn: become a true Aficionado through our spirits and cigar education programs
  • ~ Mingle & Mix: get passed the business exterior of Speakeasy members by sharing a cocktail and cigar with them. This is where relationships are truly built

 Women Should Definitely Join

This is not a men-only group. Some women feel intimidated by not knowing “how to smoke” or that they will “do it wrong”.  Everyone had to start somewhere. Our members will be glad to show you the ropes if you’re not a seasoned cigar smoker. No one will make you feel stupid.

And before you ask, YES, the woman on the left is a member of Speakeasy…. who happens to be a former model.


So, What Does it Take to be a Member of Speakeasy?

In the past, we had very strict membership criteria. We only allowed B2B business owners and C-Level executives to join. But as the group has evolved so did the understanding of our founder, Chad Massaker. He realized that if you’re smoking cigars on the regular you must have some level of disposable income and are most likely successful regardless of what you do.

Speakeasy was also started as an alternative to the networking events taking place at chambers of commerce and business associations. We’ve started a counter-culture revolution whose theme is simply this:

Networking is not just about handing out as many business cards and trying to sell as much of the room as you can. It’s about getting to know people, building, deeper, stronger relationships. Cigars and scotch take time to consume, forcing you to spend more than the obligatory 2-3 minutes talking to someone before moving on the next “target”

Returning to minimum membership criteria: It’s simple

  • ~ Be willing to try a cigar, be a cigar smoker, or, at the very least, be cigar tolerant.
  • ~ Beel cool. Don’t run around having shallow conversations handing out our business cards to everyone at the event (actually, we used to outlaw this practice at previous events)
  • ~ Finally, don’t be boring. We like people with unique stories to tell, and unique perspectives. People who are well traveled and who enjoy the finer things life has to offer.