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“Fair” is a Fantasy

I’m currently reading this book, Success is Not an Accident, by Tom Newberry and it’s bringing up some interesting thoughts. I remember when I was first starting out in business, my first online business, people would tell me why don’t you learn how to do websites, learn how to do this, why don’t you learn how to do that, as I was trying to figure things out for myself and I remember that most of those individuals that were looking to give me advice on what I should be doing in my own personal business:
1. Did not own a business
2. Never had any desire to own a business, however, they felt like they could provide me with advice on what I needed to do to be successful in business.

As I’ve gone through and developed a couple of businesses now I’ve learned that all of us have different strengths and weaknesses. It is when we focus on building and developing our strengths where we can truly continue to grow and build our life, our relationships, our family and our businesses. Since life definitely is not fair we need to surround ourselves with other individuals who fill in the gap‘s we are missing.
So in this book, Tom Newberry says, “insisting on a level playing field disrupts your attention and distract you from your ultimate objective. Instead, as a high performer, you must deal with the reality of the present situation you need to focus on reaching your goals rather than on the obstacles that stand in your way. This choice leads to accomplishment in progress, and it leads away from aggravation and alienation. Recognize that everyone has disadvantages, handicapped, weaknesses, and various other crosses to bear. A big part of life is learning how to transform your disadvantages into advantages. Well directing your energy toward “making things fair” is often counterproductive, channeling your spiritual, mental, and physical energy toward achieving meaningful goals is a constructive investment of time.
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Article written by Jacqueline H. Waller.