Two of the reasons clients come work with my team and I are:

#1. They know they could be getting paid much more for their products and services, but don’t know how to increase their prices while attracting people that will happily pay them what they deserve.

#2. They’re not sure how to strategically turn their marketing into profit on a consistent basis! They’ve done Facebook ads etc.or thinking about doing them but think you have to start with a big budget and for those who have done it, they haven’t been able to get them to work.

Therefore they have to settle for relying on referrals, aimlessly posting in Facebook groups, doing FB Lives that lead nowhere and the other stuff online gurus say you have to do, but doesn’t work.

On today’s episode of “The Results Over BS Show,” my special guest, friend and client, Marquiste Boyce, is about to reveal how he quickly overcame both of those issues.

He’s also going to share, how he turned a $326.53 investment into Facebook Ads into $7,000 and how he finally hit his milestone of $10k in a month.

For the rest of the article, click here.

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