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Is that Prospect or Client Qualified to do Business with You?

Ever wonder why some customers are so overly demanding, expect everything, for you to be at their beck and call, however, they refuse to pay your full price and want a deal on everything? That’s a HUGE sign that customer is NOT QUALIFIED to do business with you!

One thing I’ve learned from Marquel Russell is he never apologizes for his prices and he knows that when he delivers what he’s promised if you follow the actions, success will come! He doesn’t argue with people who want a deal it’s simple just come back when you’re ready to play ball!

Stop devaluing yourself and remember that your time and your gifts come at a premium. You’ve spent days, weeks, hours developing those talents, why would you want to steal from yourself?  Think about some ways you’ve stolen from yourself and action what you’re going to do to STOP THAT!

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Article written by Jacqueline H. Waller.