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“Fair” is a Fantasy

Join Connecting Atlanta on LinkedIn and Facebook. “Fair” is a Fantasy I’m currently reading this book, Success is Not an Accident, by Tom Newberry and it’s bringing up some interesting thoughts. I remember when I was first starting out in business, my first online...

How Marquiste Turned $326.53 Into $7,000

Two of the reasons clients come work with my team and I are: #1. They know they could be getting paid much more for their products and services, but don’t know how to increase their prices while attracting people that will happily pay them what they deserve. #2....

{Business Expert of The Month} Who is Marquel Russell?

Business Expert of the Month is Marquel Russell – He helps coaches, consultants & experts attract high paying clients! (without confusion and overwhelm). For more info, go to After coming from very humble beginnings, growing up in a...

When Is The BEST Time To Outsource Your Marketing?

With all the fly by night agencies popping up left and right pleading for your patronage to have their team do your marketing… How do you decide when is the BEST time to outsource your marketing or if you should outsource your marketing at all? Today’s episode will...

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