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FB Live – Marketing and Advertising your Local Live Events

Martina Young – Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

How to Upload an Event on Eventbrite

Marquel Russell – The 60 Minute Marketing Plan

Marquel Russell – Standing Room Only Events That Lead To Incredibly Profitable Pay Days & Lifetime Customers

Hugh Reid – How To Achieve Financial Independence

Marcus Rosier – Two Days Are Not Enough – 5 Ways to Make the Week Feel Like The Weekend.

Jon Coward – SEO For Real. No Magic Needed.

Alicia Chester – Facebook Live about her Marketing Bootcamp.

Sandi Evans – Dualpreneur – How to Run a Successful Business with a J.O.B

Steve Julal – Financial Preparation for 2018 – Part 2

Marvin Cole – Capturing Capital – How to Acquire it, Apply it and Manage it

Dominique Huff – Management and Leadership Tune Up

Connecting Atlanta – Turning Your Contacts into Contracts

Antan R. Wilson – Financial Preparation for 2018 – Part 1

Lisa Landry – The Small Business Series: How to Conquer Email Marketing a Crash Course – Part 2

Sandi Evans – Delegate Like A Boss – Part I

Sandi Evans – Delegate Like A Boss – Part II

Jay Jackson – Why A Lack Of Systems Is Stunting Your Business Growth And Costing You A Fortune

Jacqueline H. Waller – The Art of Effective Networking, Pitching, Promoting & Positioning